A200 Series (NEMA)

All Class A200 non-reversing starters contain block Type B three-pole overload relays with three current transformers. A200 sizes 5 and 6 starters contain an AC magnetically operated size 5 or 6 line contactors, and size 6 starters include a control relay with contacts to handle the coil current. Size 7, 8 and 9 starters contain a DC operated line contactor, DC power supply, and a control relay. All Class A200 starters are UL listed and recognized and are CSA certified.


  • Straight-through wiring with up-front, out-front terminals allows for ease in installation.
  • Mounting cavities reduce panel space requirements.
  • All current carrying parts are front removable for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Easy, snap-in accessories and both vertical and horizontal interlocking capabilities increase application flexibility.
  • Ambient Compensated Overload Relays offer superior motor protection in variable motor/controller environments.
  • Rectified AC/DC coils reduce premature drop-out or “kiss” problems due to inherent low voltage conditions.
  • Clapper design armature assembly pivots on needle bearings resulting in quick, smooth opening and closing of the magnet.
  • Stainless steel Kick-Out Spring assures quick, positive drop-out time.
  • Information about UL508A