BETEX SUPER TURBO – 400V/500V/600V  50/60Hz
Powerfull heater for maintenance and production.
  • Temperature preselection max. 240°C  (optional till 350°C)
  • Incl. magnetic probe upto 240°C (optional till 350°C)
  • Digital display
  • TURBO Model. Including sliding yoke construction!
  • Power control micro-processor controlled
  • Automatic demagnetization, better than 2A/cm
  • Time preselection 0-99 min
  • Acoustic signal
  • Temperature hold
  • Easy to use
  • Incl. service kit and CE-manual
  • In accordance with European CE directives and IEC health and safety regulations
  • 3 years warranty on the electronic unit
  • Export crate/ packing material included in price