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General features

  1. Construction made  of  steel  tubular  sections  of  suitable thickness, electrically welded, forming a strong load-bearing  frame, capable of  withstanding  heavy mechanical  loads and vibrations.
  2. Cabin designed and manufactured with suitable materials to gain an excellent thermal and sound insulation, suitable to work in environments with low and high temperatures.
  3. Many solutions for applications on steel mill crane (crane steel casting process)
    – special thermal insulations in melaminic resin
    – special glasses designed by Brieda Cabins with high thermal resistance against high hot irradiation
    – special mesh installed outside the cabin in front of the glasses to absorb and dissipate quickly the    heat from the high heat irradiation.
    – 53mm bullet proof resistant glasses according UNI EN 1063 standard.
  4. Wide operative visibility
  5. Robust shock-absorbing system
  6. Opening windows with various solutions for excellent internal cabin ventilation
  7. Shutter-proof safety glasses
  8. Interior dimmable light
  9. Floor glasses designed to grant to the operator the maximum visibility  and safety during operation, allowing  their cleaning from inside the cabin.
  10. AC system able to work with environmental temperatures up to 70°
  11. Heavy duty fresh air treatment system to keep the cabin pressurized  to avoid the entrance  of dust/toxic elements in the cabin.
  12. Glass heating and defogging system  (option)
  13. Door and windows provided with robust accessories designed and manufactured by Brieda Cabins to remarkably reduce the general maintenance operations.
  14. Maximum attention to the operator’s  active and  passive safety.
  15. The design of our cabins enable  the installation of  different types of control station to satisfy any end customer’s requirements..
    Brieda Cabins has studied,  also for this type of application, the ergonomical control station DYCS 044 certified according to the relevant ergonomics standards.
  16. Important technical solutions as robust adjustable supports, designed by Brieda Cabins, for CCTV monitors, HMI system and touch screen, communication systems  etc. allowing  the cabin to be prepared for the installation of all the new technical and cognitive effective solutions, to operate under total safety and control.
  17. Painting cycles (with high performances ) according to ISO 12944 C5M standard.