Checker Cabin

Checkers monitor and record the containers worked on by the operator. This is often performed in a cabin at ground level where the employee has a good view of all containers that pass by. Merford manufactures not only cabins for the operator in the crane, but also customised cabins for the checker on the ground.

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Experience as foundationMerford is a renowned supplier of crane cabins for container handling. Globally, Merford has designed an operator cabin for the widest variety of applications that completely meets the needs of the user. Ergonomics and efficiency are always paramount. The checker at the foot of the crane can also play a specific role in the loading and unloading of containers. Merford has designed different unique checker cabins. Thanks to our expertise garnered over the years, the design of your checker cabin is in good hands.

Perfection through customisation
Whether you need an extensive climate control, a unique window finish, or special spray paint finish, the options available for our checker cabins are as wide ranging as you desire. Just like the operator cabins at a height, our checker cabins can also be fitted with all kinds of facilities and functionalities. In a focused consultation, we will gladly hear your needs so that the cabin completely meets those needs.


  • Efficient work in a pleasant space
  • Optional components for air conditioning, air filtering, and heating
  • Interior and exterior shaped entirely to your needs