Cinderella Toilet System

Effectiveness is key when it comes to the crane operator’s work environment. A great deal can be gained in this respect through means of improved work flows, proper agreements and optimal operator seats. When nature calls, however, there is no simple way to have the crane operator answer its call in a hygienic and cost-effective way. They are often forced to look for ways that are either not hygienic or too expensive because of the time involved. The Cinderella is an incineration toilet and is perfectly suitable and ready to prove its worth in the world of crane operators.


Convenience within easy reach
When there is no sewer system, it is a matter of looking for alternative ways in which to process waste products. This is not an easy task. Certainly not when the process furthermore has to be effective, hygienic and cost effective. The Cinderella makes it possible to comply with each one of these requirements.

Effective facilities
The only thing the Cinderella needs from the outside is a 220/240V power supply. The Cinderella has the same appearance as a regular toilet. The only difference is that a special small bag must be placed in the Cinderella to ensure that the entire contents of the Cinderella are in fact incinerated. After closing the cover, a simple push of the button sends the bag to the combustion chamber where the entire contents are subsequently reduced to a small pile of ashes. The ‘bowl’ only needs to be emptied and cleaned as required after approximately 300 uses.


  • Cost savings over the long term due to the operator’s increased level of efficiency.
  • Easy to install.
  • 220/240V power supply.
  • Does not require a discharge system.
  • High capacity; only needs to be emptied after 300 uses.
  • Easy to clean.