Conductix 1500 Series Hazardous Duty Cable Reel

The 1500 Series is sealed to NEMA 4 – water and dust tight for indoor or outdoor use.


The 1500 Series Hazardous Duty cable reels are built according to NEMA 9 and UL standards:
  • Class I Div 1 Groups C & D, zones 0,1,2
  • Class II Div 2 groups E, F, & G
but do not bear any third party certification.
1500 Series reels feature:
  • Rugged steel and cast aluminum construction
  • 35 amp/600 volt R-Series slip ring assembly in threaded enclosure
  • Gray epoxy finish
  • Ratchet mechanism to maintain cable in out position
  • Ball stop
  • 6 foot feeder cord