Custom-made cabins for Dredging

Good equipment is a necessity that allows dredging work to be carried out smoothly and efficiently. The operator cabin is the focal point with respect to these activities. The operator determines both the accuracy and speed of the work activities. Specifically for the dredging sector, Merford developed plug-and-play operator cabins for backacters and cutter-section dredgers.

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Ergonomics and components
Merford has a lot of experience with designing a cabin that works in exactly the right way in relation to its environment and operator. By precisely analysing the crane and the surrounding situation, the shape of the operator cabin can be designed such that the operator is guaranteed a good view. In addition, Merford has different ergonomic operator seats that make it easy for the operator to sit in an ergonomic position and thus avoid physical complaints. Fitting components to the cabin, such as the Industrial Climate Unit, provides additional contributions to the realisation of a pleasant work climate in the operator cabin.

Customisation and production in series
Merford has the knowledge and expertise to design operator cabins completely as desired. Our experienced engineering team can fine-tune a cabin completely to its future situation. This becomes matter of course in attaining a good view of important places on machinery like the cutter-section dredger and loose components. Merford has the facilities to manufacture cabins in series. We are happy to hear your needs for delivering a cabin that is harmonised completely with its permanent environment and can completely fulfil its intended role.