Custom-made cabins for Steel & Aluminium

The steel and aluminium industry are complex markets that demand complex solutions. Although standard products can significantly simplify the process, the development of a cabin geared to the specific wishes and requirements of your particular situation is anything but a mission impossible for Merford Cabins. We like to collaborate with you on creating an efficient and safe solution for your environment. On this page we provide you with a brief explanation of several specific projects within these sectors that best characterise us as a company. The exceptions that make you situation unique constitute our challenge.

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Nucor Memphis
A few years ago the operators of Nucor Memphis’ Ladle cranes started to experience difficulty working in the high temperatures in the plant. In addition, their visibility was limited due to the poor design of the cabins and the moisture, alkalinity and dirt that was sticking to the glass. The need to continuously look down and the poor layout of the consoles forced operators to assume an incorrect work posture, which ultimately led to physical complaints among operators.

In coordination with Nucor Memphis, Merford decided to supply a cabin designed for this application which was principally shaped to conform with the most important and most often used viewing angle. The composition of the entire cabin and the placement of the windows is fully geared to the process and the location of the cabin in the crane. In addition to the cabin’s shape, a number of special windows and a high-quality heavy duty HVAC and filter system were installed in collaboration with the German firm FrigorTec. To aim for a good working posture and avoid physical complaints, an Ergoseat H was installed in the cabin.

In collaboration with the local agent G.O.Bromsteknik AB, Merford recently supplied a cabin to Uddeholm AB in Sweden. Uddeholm is a manufacturer of high-quality steel in the form of so-called tool steel bars. What was special about this project is that the cabin was attached to a turning mechanism. The requirement called for the cabin to be increased in size compared to the existing cabin, while retaining the cabin’s rotating feature. To make this possible, a new position for the turning point had to be found together with the maximum size. Merford was able to achieve this together with its local reprensentative G.O.Bromsteknik AB.