Ecocab NEO

Sustainable solutions for a better world
We are convinced that everyone on this planet can make a contribution to a cleaner world. When everyone does what is within his or her reach, it becomes possible to take big steps. As Merford Cabins we also chip in. By putting greater emphasis on the origin of materials and on the production process of our cabins we hope to make a contribution to the cabin operators, our employees and the rest of the world. All this comes together in the Ecocab NEO.

5 Pillars – the foundation of the Ecocab NEO
The Ecocab NEO is founded on five pillars, starting with the operator’s health. First, a significant improvement is made possible by not using harmful substances in the construction of the cabin and by selecting materials that are VOC-neutral. This also impacts our employees, the second pillar. The third pillar comprises the environment; we try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. The cabin incorporates reused and reusable materials whenever possible, the fourth pillar. Finally, and this is the fifth pillar, the Ecocab NEO is equipped with a solar panel on the roof, so that the cabin can supply virtually all of its own power.

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Merford Cabins presented the world’s first sustainable operator cabin in 2015. This cabin is based on a crystal clear concept: whenever sustainable and clean is possible, that is what we will do. This means that the cabin primarily consists of reusable materials. Furthermore, the cabin is virtually self-sufficient due to the solar panel installed on the roof.