When you are looking for a standard operator cabin that can be easily and effectively applied to many different crane types, the Ecocab is the perfect match. A healthy and safe work environment for the operator, efficiency and an attractive design at a competitive price are the Ecocab’s key characteristics.

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The best Merford has to offer in a single cabin
There are many types of cranes and machines in different dimensions that require a custom-made solution. This generally results in additional costs and longer delivery lead times. Various combinations of standard applications and user options are standard features in the Ecocab. This standard version therefore will always be cheaper than custom-made solutions. Naturally, as with any other Merford operator cabin, health, safety and efficiency are high priorities for the Ecocab.

A standard cabin with options
The Ecocab can be constructed using the most recent components that guarantee an ergonomic and safe work environment. The design, choice of materials and finishing all contribute to the Ecocab’s comfort. The operator cabin standard dimensions are a width of 1600 mm (63.0”) and a length of 2050 mm (80.7”).


  • Standard dimensions
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Standard version can be delivered quickly
  • Expansion with additional components is optional