Ergoseat H

Merford Cabins wants to increase the efficiency of man and machine; indeed, crane operators perform better in an ergonomic work environment. This objective is achieved in various ways. For example, through proper posture and the best possible view of the workplace. Merford has developed an operator seat that can be suspended from the ceiling of the cabin. This operator seat comes with a wide range of adjustment options, which enables an ergonomic sitting posture for a wide range of male and female body dimensions.


Greater visibility due to ceiling suspension
Merford Cabins’ Ergoseat H differentiates itself from conventional operator seats by its ceiling suspension. This keeps the cabin’s floor free from obstacles, which provides the operator with a greater field of view. The seat’s adjustments are furthermore such that the available elbow supports significantly reduce the load placed on the neck and back. This results in a reduction of 50% in neck and back complaints. Furthermore, the small consoles enable the operator to look past these consoles instead of over them. This means that the operator is not forced to assume harmful sitting postures.

A concept in the sector
As a result of the abovementioned measures, as well as other factors, the Ergoseat H contributes to a lower absence due to illness and a higher efficiency of man and machine. With a broad base of satisfied references and many years of improvement and continued development behind us, it is reasonable to suggest that the Ergoseat H has proven itself extensively within the sector. Contact us without obligation and discover the added value of the Ergoseat for activities in your sector.


  • Ability to look down without causing neck and back complaints.
  • Ergonomically responsible sitting position.
  • Greater downward visibility due to the seat’s ceiling suspension.
  • Small, adjustable consoles that provide greater visibility.
  • Rotatable and adjustable in height.
  • Over 700 Ergoseat chairs have been delivered throughout the world.