Industrial Climate Control

Merford firmly believes that performance improves when the work environment is a safe place in which the operator feels comfortable. This can be achieved in various ways, including the installation of a good climate control system in operator cabins. In collaboration with a specialized firm, Merford has developed a standalone unit that provides a pleasant climate within the operator’s workspace. The unit controls the environment by temperature setting and furthermore filters dust from the air.


The best possible climate in the operator cabin
In contrast to conventional climate control systems, often consisting of a simple split air conditioning unit with a separate stove, Merford supplies an Industrial Climate Control that provides heat as well as cooling. The desired temperature setting can be easily input by the operator. Due to the unit’s intelligent controls, fan speed and the demand for heat and cooling is automatically determined. The unit is furthermore equipped with a dust filter, which increases the cabin’s air quality. In addition, the Industrial Climate Control has a demisting setting, which quickly reduces any condensation on windows.

Convenience at your finger tips
The unit is of industrial quality and parts are available worldwide. In addition, the unit can be inspected from inside the cabin during a maintenance check. Access from the outside is therefore not required. All of these features make the Industrial Climate Control an effective and practically indispensable component of operator cabins. The Industrial Climate Control puts a healthy working climate within reach.


  • Excellent climate control for operator cabins at divergent temperatures.
  • Heating, air conditioning, demisting and filtering in a single unit.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to maintain due to the possibility of accessing the unit’s internals from inside the cabin.