Lamellar joints

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The SAPITFLEX lamellar joint is of the lamellar diaphragm type with continuous ring in high resistance stainless steel. The torque is rigidly transmitted by means of alternating driving and driven pins on a common pitch diameter. SAPITFLEX couplings in normal execution are built with membranes in stainless steel, bolts and bushings in high resistance steel and the other parts in carbon steel and can operate at temperatures from -20°C to +250°C. Upon request, the following can be supplied:

  • completely in stainless steel where there are corrosion problems
  • in special steel to be able to work at low temperatures -40°C
  • with hubs and spacers in titanium alloys or aluminum alloys to reduce weight and inertia
  • with composite material spacings to reduce weight and thus make joints with large lengths without intermediate supports.