Magnetek Mondel Heavy-duty Disc Brake 400D

The Mondel 400D series of brakes are specifically designed for high speed and high efficiency applications. They are manufactured from materials chosen to optimize the execution and the utility for the most demanding applications.



The automatic spring of egalization of release of trimming of low of inertia of fast answer automatic offsetting of use applied, electrically released without interruption or intermittently evaluated the trimmings metallized of friction on the fast fulcrum pins of stainless steel of coatings of replacement functioning in the self-lubricating provisioning with A.C. of bushes (standard ED): provisioning of C.C of 230-460-575/3Ph50/60 hertz (standard ED): options of C.C 230V and 440V: Comes out from external compression with the indicator of outside adjustable gauged couple, times stepless – the two directions (to place and release) the locking of the switches of limit of release of hand to prove the release of brake balanced the couple to the minimum to reduce discs of accessories of the efforts of axis (2 brakes on a common disc) – standard/discs ventilated/discs/couplings (rigid) of hub (flexible)