Compact, reliable, convenient; Offering economical solution with compact and increased breaking capacities. Easy installation and maintenance. Various kinds of accessories




Meta-MEC MCCBs shall comply with IEC 947-1 and 947-2 standards or with the corresponding standards applicable in the member countries (EN 60 947-1, 2)

Suitable for isolation, as defined by IEC 947-2
  • Line protection
  • Motor/generator protection
  • Starter combination
  • Offering economical solution with compact sizes and increased interrupting capacities.
  • Complete range of two, three and four-pole version.
  • Employing a fixed thermal and fixed magnetic trip.
  • Rating plugs to change thermal currents are available for 400 and 800AF.
  • 3-pole ELCBs physically interchangeable with 3-pole MCCBs are available.
  • Offering more accessories such as rear connection and extended rotary type handles.
  • Frames made of rigid materials of engineering plastics.
  • 400, 800AF breakers use the individual rating plug for determining the continuous current rating.
  • MCCB with reference temperature 50℃ is available on request.
  • Motor protection MCCBs with magnetic only trip are available.