Metasol Energy Saving Contactors

Metasol Energy Saving Contactor(ESC) has DC controlled coil that requires lower power consumption. Using ESC, heat generation is consequently decreased, which results in saving energy and increasing life time and reliability of the product.

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ESC is suitable for automatic control, PLC control circuit, etc.
  • Lower power consumption type auxiliary relays and contactors with permanent magnets
  • The best energy saving product for control circuits such as motor,automatic control and PLC circuits.
  • Coil pick-up with a permanent magnetic field, less temperature rise and power consumption
  • Less heat generation in coil (85℃→65℃)
  • Low power consumption, high energy efficiency (9W→5W)
  • 14.1mm, reduced depth compared to existing products.
  • Coil polarity (+,-)
  • CE marked, UL approval