Model 15T/H

  • Very high performance economical encoder
  • Low profile — 1.0″ (25.4 mm) height and 1.5″ (38 mm) diameter
  • Thru-bore with sizes up to 0.375″ (10 mm)
  • Simple, innovative flex mounting system (Global Mounting Standards)
  • Up to 12 pole commutation optional for brushless motor control
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The Model 15T or 15H offers a high performance feedback solution in a low profile package.  Unlike modular or kit encoders, the Model 15 utilizes an integral bearing set and an innovative flexible mounting system, which are much more tolerant to axial ­misalignment or radial shaft runout.  The slotted flex mounts provide 20 or 30 degrees of rotational adjustment for commutation or index pulse timing.  Installation is quick and easy — for brushless servo motor applications, three 120° electrical phase tracks can provide up to 12 pole commutation feedback.  The optional 100° C and 120° C temperature options allow servo motors to operate at higher power outputs and duty cycles.  The Model 15 provides stable and reliable operation and is an excellent replacement for other ­manufacturers’ modular encoders where a high performance solution is desired.