NEMA Rated Mill Duty Contactors

Typical applications for NEMA Rated Mill Duty Contactors are variable voltage controller, disconnects, fans, pumps, conveyors, rolling mills, cranes, or anywhere a dc motor is used. These Mill Duty Contactors control the starting, stopping, reversing and regulating functions of the DC motor and are designed specifically for use in applications requiring NEMA ratings.
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  • Steel base, forged steel armature levers, and magnet frames provide superior physical strength.
  • Standard coil operating voltages are 100Vdc, 115Vdc, and 230Vdc. Non-standard voltages upon request.
  • High strength polarized arc chute assemblies provide excellent arc extinction characteristics for longer contact life.
  • The short armature stroke results in a mechanical life of more than 20 million operations.
  • Self lubricating bearings eliminate the need for lubricating the contactor.
  • Arc shield pivots upward for easy inspection of the main contacts.