Pin-Bush Couplings

  • DBN coupling are suitable for reversing operation & horizontal & vertical fitting at any required angle.
  • DBN coupling require less maintenance.
  • Only elastomer bushes wear and need replacement.
  • Standard bushes (Element) in Nitrile rubber.
  • Their robust design, DBN coupling are suitable for rough operating condition.
  • Range up to 1725896 in-lbs Torque-ratings.
  • Working temperature up to -30° C and +80° C


  • Pin in-shear type couplings where each high tensile steel pin has elastomeric bushing providing flexibility
  • Prime mover can run independently by removing pins
  • Straight bush, curved bush and Cone ring type bush design available in natural rubber, nitrile rubber, Polyurethane, neoprene materials
  • Various spacers lengths can be incorporated for different application requirements
  • DRS Pin bush couplings can accommodate bore & keyway, taper lock, break disk, break drum type mounting options