Rail-mounted gantry (RMG) Cabin

Container handling no longer holds any secrets
The creation of a functional operator cabin is not just a matter of course. When an operator invests a great deal of time in his/her work, long working hours may be required. Working conditions then must be such that early bodily complaints are prevented as much as possible. Of course this is desirable for the operator, as well as the employer. Due to its many years of experience in the sector, Merford knows what the key areas of attention are in the development of the ideal work environment and has used this knowledge as the basis for developing the RTG cabin.

We have thought of everything
The Merford RTG cabin offers a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment for the operator and an efficient instrument for the user. The cabin’s innovative design creates ideal lines of sight for the operator. In combination with the Ergoseat, the operator no longer needs to assume ergonomically irresponsible postures in order to be able to see the container properly.  In addition, disruptive noise and annoying vibrations are limited as much as possible and there is proper climate control.

Every situation is unique and demands a solution that properly fits its context. Merford has an extensive development team and specialises in exceptions. Every wish and demand can therefore be met in creating the most optimal configuration.


  • Ability to work efficiently in an efficient operator cabin
  • Operator health and safety
  • Responsible seating posture with the Ergoseat
  • Well thought-out glass configuration offers the right lines of sight
  • The back wall and the roof are corrosion-proof
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Rail-mounted gantry (RMG) cranes are increasingly found at container terminals. These cranes are generally used for loading and unloading trains that transport containers to and from the container terminal. The crane generally travels great distances in order to be able to fully load and unload long trains. Merford’s RMG cabin provides the operator with a pleasant work environment in which it is possible to work efficiently and ergonomically.