Reuland Multi-Drive Motor

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Reuland manufactures a multi-drive unit for both continuous or intermittent duty applications.

The multi-drive unit consists of a high-speed “main” drive motor and a low speed secondary or “pony” gear motor. The two units are coupled together through a DC operated electric clutch that permits either motor to be operated independently through a common shaft.

The purpose of a multi-drive unit is to provide our customers with the ability to create a drive of more than one speed where the difference in speed can not be accomplished by a multi-speed motor. With a multi-drive unit, virtually any speed differential is possible.

With the multi-drive unit, an unlimited number of combinations are possible. All types of Reuland motors can be combined with any listed gear motors, brakes, and clutches to give you exact drive requirements for your equipment.

Reuland multi-drive units are presently operating on a variety of applications including crane and hoist drives, screw conveyors, material handling, and sorting machines.