Roller Table and Steel Plant Motors

Today, transport and working roller tables with reversing operation in steel mills are almost exclusively equipped with directly driven rollers. The mechanical and electrical requirements placed on the drive’s design differ but are still high. To meet these requirements, we developed our new SIMOTICS DP roller table motors and our SIMOTICS DP steel plant motors for converter operation.

The rugged, non-ventilated SIMOTICS DP roller table motors with the ring rib enclosure manufactured out of spheroidal iron are especially suitable for harsh operating conditions in steel plants. Our SIMOTICS DP steel plant motors with longitudinal rib enclosure are suitable for less polluted areas – as well as for online (DOL) operation. Both of these motors are fully enclosed three-phase induction motors.

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Typical applications

The rugged, non-ventilated roller table motors are particularly suitable for operating in the harsh conditions of steel mills under adverse application conditions, in working and transport roller tables, with high ambient temperatures, high humidity and scale dust. The steel plant motors can be used for roller table applications with less dust and scale.