Running Line Tensiometers with Removable Center Sheave


Load cells specially designed to measure the tension force applied to a running cable or rope. The removable center sheave allows you an easy installation without cutting the winch lines.

  • Wide range of cables (Ø from 6 up to 115 mm)
  • Protection class : IP67
  • Complete range of electronics and load limitation devices
  • Custom-made manufacturing
  • Cable length : 6 m
  • ‘Ex’ certifications are applicable to electrical components

The SENSY’s load cells 5580 and 5585 are perfectly designed to the following applications :

  • Tension measurement of towage and haulage cables
  • Winches force measurement
  • Load limitation of hoisting devices, cranes and overhead cranes (in combination with load limitation devices (CRANE-BOY, BRIDGE-BOY, …)

CAPACITIES : 5580-5585 : from 1 to 600 t