Self-lubricating toothed couplings

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The SAPITFLEX self-lubricating toothed coupling represents a technically advanced system with regard to this type of coupling.

It consists of a toothed hub and a hub with crown gear. The dragging organs are made up of interchangeable cylindrical elements made of highly resistant and self-lubricating material. SAPITFLEX couplings can work in both directions of rotation, as well as for reversible operation, and absorb shocks deriving from motion reversals.

They are also suitable for vertical and blind mounting. The driving elements (small cylinders) are made of special self-lubricating material, they are suitable for withstanding high work loads also allowing, given the structure, axle sliding under torque, thus making the joint telescopic. Fields of use : hydro turbines, marine propellers, marble working machines, industrial cleaning machines, pumps.