Shock Absorbing Element DEFORM plus®

“Deform Plus” are non-reusable shock-absorbing elements that protects your equipment, goods or vehicles completely against overloads and are ideal in applications such as emergency overrunning end-stops on machine tools, impact protection for vehicles or an emergency buffer absorbing kinetic energy.

“Deform Plus” transforms kinetic energy caused by an impact into deformation work. Although it is not reusable it offers benefits in comparison with friction springs or hydraulic buffers such as lower cost, smaller installation space required, lower weight as they are manufactured with special high-density polymer, and can be easily replaced  by replacing elements.

Small impacts possible without plastic deformation that would require replacement

Operating temperature range between -25ºC to +50C


DEFORM plus® Shock Absorbing Elements are one-time use damping elements for high energy absorption. They transform kinetic energy caused by an impact into deformation energy. DEFORM plus® units have the following characteristics:

  • High damping properties (up to 95%)
  • Low costs
  • Small installation space
  • Low weight
  • Easy replacement of used elements
  • Maintenance-free
  • No corrosion
  • Rectangular force-travel diagram
  • Versatility in design