Shrink Disc: RfN 4161 Standard Series (Copy)


Standard series – this range is the most popular, being used in most applications. High transmission values are possible and by varying the screw tightening torque the Shrink disc can be adapted to the design specification.

Simplified manufacture – only plain shaft and bore diameters with easily achieved surface finish and tolerances are required.

Easy adjustability – no stops, steps, keyways, splines etc. are required, therefore hubs can be located and locked at any point or angle on the shaft.

Easy mounting – RINGFEDER® Shrink Discs use standard screws and tightened using standard tools. No additional machining or fitting work is required.

Easy removal – after loosening the locking screws, the RINGFEDER® Shrink Disc will self release and the hub will move freely on the shaft.

Low susceptibility to contamination – when the locking screws are tightened the contact (functional) surfaces are pressed firmly together and prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture.