Side-Contact Conductor Bar

Conductix-Wampfler Side Contact Conductor Bar is a variation of the 8-Bar system designed for lateral (side) entry of the collector. UL / CSA listed. Side Contact is ideal when there is insufficient room for standard “bottom entry” mounting and/orconductors must be more closely spaced than standard 8-Bar allows.

Side-Contact Conductor Bars:

  • Come with cover and connector pins installed. Copper and Laminate Bars also come with Joint Keepers.
  • Have expansion sections that are required for every 350 feet (106.7m) for 40, 90, and 110 amp systems, or 250 feet (76.2m) for 250 or 350 amps to compensate for thermal expansion.
  • Are easy to configure using our advanced “Quick Quote”software!


Current Capacity Range:

40 amps, 90 amps, 110 amps, 250 amps, and 350 amps

Maximum Running Speed: 

900 feet/minute  (274.3 meters/minute)

Factory installed covers are available in:

  • Rigid PVC: -10° F to 160° F (- 23.30° C to 71.10° C)
  • Medium Heat: – 25° F To 250° F (- 31.70° C to 121.10° C)