SIL 3 certified: Multiturn absolute encoder with hollow shaft

The multiturn absolute encoder AM…H 41 is deployed in particularly safety-critical projects; SIL 3/PL e certification guarantees they fulfill the highest safety requirements.
The AM… 41 with a hollow shaft is certified in accordance with the international standard covering functional safety of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety-related systems EN 61508/EN 13849. The diameter of the hollow shaft including keyway for the versions PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS-DP or PROFIsafe via PROFINET IO is 20 millimeters. The resolution of singleturn is 13 bit (steps per revolution: 8192) and multiturn 15 Bit (number of rotations: 32768). A second shaft end is available on request.

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Number of interfaces 2
Diameter hollow shaft 20 mm with keyway
Supply voltage 13 – 27 VDC
Resolution Singleturn 13 bit (8192 steps per revolution)
Resolution Multiturn 15 bit (32768 revolutions)
Degree of protection up to IP66
Approved mechanical speed up to 4000 rpm
Vibration resistance 10 g (=100 m/s²)
Shock resistance 100 g (=1000 m/s²)
Device temperature range -25 °C to +70 °C
Weight approx. 3 kg
Special features Certified to EN 61508 SIL CL3 and EN 13849 PL e