STS (Ship-to-Shore) Cabin

STS (Ship-to-Shore) cranes are a worldwide phenomenon and indispensable in the transfer of containers from ship to container terminal, where the container in a subsequent stage is picked up by different equipment for stacking. Container ships are becoming larger and are capable of transporting an increasingly larger number of containers. The cranes that unload these ships will have to accommodate this increased capacity. Merford has set as its objective to ensure that the operator always has a safe operator cabin that is independent of a dynamic sector.


Changing sector; stable operator cabin
An STS operator is generally expected to work with high precision and at an effective pace. An operator cabin that actively contributes to meeting these requirements therefore is not an undeserved luxury for the operator. Merford’s STS operator cabin was developed and fitted up with due consideration to its ultimate application and circumstances. For example, the Ergoseat H and glass window floor window configuration make it easy and ergonomically responsible to continue to be able to observe the spreader from any position. This quickly makes working efficiently and ergonomically a matter of course.

Nothing is impossible
Various options make working in the operator cabin even more pleasant and functional. For example, the operator cabin can be equipped with an industrially suitable climate control and filter unit that together keep harmful substances outside the cabin and create a pleasant work environment regardless of weather conditions. Merford has extensive experience and a wide range of available options designed to fit up the cabin entirely according to the end-user’s wishes and requirements. We would be pleased to discuss the best possible solution to your situation with you in an advisory meeting.


  • Ability to work efficiently in an efficient operator cabin
  • Operator health and safety
  • Responsible seating posture with the Ergoseat
  • Walkable glass floor offers the right lines of sight