Tire Couplings

  • High flexibility & highest misalignment tolerances (angular – Max 4°)
  • Elastomer is designed to shear in the event of tire failure. The torque transmission is stopped as tire shears at failure, thus protecting the machinery
  • Better protection in impact load & heavy shocks
  • Lubrication free
  • Range up to 82320.79 lbs-inch


  • Highly elastic coupling with highest flexibility and misalignment capacity
  • In event of tire (elastomer) failure, coupling stops transmitting power limiting progressive damage of the equipment
  • Low torsional stiffness and high dampening ratio of the tire coupling makes it ideal in combustion engine or compressor applications
  • Tire elastomers can be replaced easily without moving driver or driven machinery
  • Natural rubber and Neoprene tires available
  • Fire Resistant Anti-Static (F.R.A.S) tires available on request