VersaReelTM Commercial Grade Cable Reel


Conductix-Wampfler’s new VersaReel™ is a great solution for a wide range of commercial applications to provide power when and where you need it.  VersaReel’s benefits surpass other reels in its class, making it the #1 choice. It is ideal for warehouses, retail stores, maintenance shops, schools, and laboratories to power tools, seasonal displays, machines, and light sources.  Many other reels lack the spring power to retract the cable back into the reel fully. But VersaReel’s robust spring motor will pull 50 feet of cable into the reel, even with an accessory on the free end. VersaReel installs easily and safely with the unique, separate mounting base plate.  It is adaptable too, for ceiling or wall mounting, by adjusting the quick-change cable guide.